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The team at Intercard has over 30 years experience in the amusement industry so we understand your needs. Our cashless systems provide you with remote game management with our iService app along with 24/7 reporting and 24/7 customer service for all size operations from 10 games to 10,000 games. Most importantly you get a quick return on your investment.


After literally decades of working in the equipment operation and LBE businesses, I honestly can’t imagine buying anyone else’s cashless system for a location than Intercard’s. Their system is technically robust, the guest experience is simple and clean, and Intercard has ALWAYS delivered for all of our route, FEC and ‘unique destination’ needs. Just as importantly, we’ve come to know, respect, and trust their team and their depth of experience – I’m a huge Intercard fan!

David L Bishop
Chief Executive Officer, CTM Group Inc.


We have used Intercard for multiple sites and are happy with the results!

I would recommend this product to other route operators to increase revenues.

Todd Farber
Owner BFC Enterprises


For well over a decade, Intercard remains Namco’s cashless system of choice not only by delivering top quality products and support but also by understanding how to leverage and apply technology to deliver solutions to operators. An example of this is their new iTeller Element, a scalable unit that provides a cost-effective solution for small unmanned locations. Service calls severely impact profitability on any route, by eliminating coin and ticket jams you decrease service calls and increase profits.

John Kneip
Chief Technology Officer


The first couple weeks we saw a monster increase of 400%! Now that we have some time under our belts we are averaging out to about a 130% increase.

And the Intercard system allows my driver to service the location in just 30 minuets instead of 90!

Luke Adams
Pioneer Vending


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