The Benefits of Intercard’s E-Commerce Technology

Remote Accessibility

Giving your customers the ability to purchase game cards, packages, or gifts cards, from their phone on the go... or in the comfort of their own home.

Customized To Your Brand

E-Commerce seamlessly integrates on to your website and easily customizes to fit your brand.

No staff needed to buy game cards or gift cards

Guests buy and print QR code in the comfort of their home then scan the code at the iTeller to receive a game card

Guests can use a cell phone to display QR code to scan at the iTeller to receive a game card

Create or increase your “float”, up to 19% of gift card balances are never used

Increase revenues with packages and memberships

Capture the customers contact information for future promotions

Sell game cards, gift cards, game packages and gate passes now for your customers to redeem later

Here’s How It Works

1.) Register

Guests register or shop your site as a guest.

2.) Shop

Guests make their selections for game cards, packages, or whatever they need.

3.) Discounts

Apply current discounting options, promos and specials.

4.) Check Out & Pay

Guests can then print the QR code or save it on their phone.

5.) Redeem & Play

The QR codes are scanned and redeemed at your center's iTeller where your guests receive their play card.

Plus when play cards get low, guests will get an alert on their phone and then they can recharge from their phone straight to their play card for continued play!


Increase Revenues Instantaneously

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