Legendary Mariner’s Arcade on the Shore Goes Cashless

“Intercard’s Austin Lacy (r) with Jeff Verzella, general manager, during the installation at Mariner’s Arcade on the Wildwood boardwalk.” (photo: Intercard)

Legendary Mariner’s Arcade at the famous Wildwood Boardwalk in Wildwood, New Jersey has gone cashless with an Intercard system. The long-time arcade is one of the most popular attractions on Morey’s Piers on the boardwalk.

Mariner’s was well-known as one of the few Jersey Shore arcades to still run on quarters. But general manager Jeff Verzella says it was time to reap the benefits of  going cashless, from increased revenue and less theft to less time spent on game maintenance for coin and token jams. They introduced the card system after Thanksgiving with special pre-season deals and card giveaways. According to Mariner’s Facebook page customers are already excitedly buying up cards in anticipation of the 2024 summer season.

“Mariner’s is one of the best arcades I have seen anywhere,” says Todd DeMott, Mariner’s Intercard sales rep and a veteran arcade operator himself. “It’s right on the boardwalk and now that it’s cashless, it’s an unbeatable place for fun and convenience.

Intercard’s Austin Lacy did the installation on-site in October 2023.

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