Intercard at BPAA Bowling Summit 2024

Jason Mitchell

From January 14-16 cashless technology leader Intercard will be an exhibitor at the 2024 BPAA Bowling Summit in New Orleans. Come meet Intercard account executive Jason Mitchell and learn about the company’s new QR-based iQ readers and special pricing for BPAA members.

Intercard is a proud member of the BPAA’s Smart Buy program as the provider of cashless technology for bowling entertainment centers. The company participates with such prestigious Smart Buy suppliers as SYSCO, Pepsi and Office Depot in the popular program that’s one of the ways it pays to be a member of the BPAA.

“As the evolution of bowling entertainment centers continues, proprietors have an increased need for cashless technology that can increase sales, boost marketing and cut expenses,” says Mitchell. “The BPAA Smart Buy program makes it even easier for proprietors to enjoy the benefits of an Intercard system.”

At the Summit Intercard will present its new its iQ readers and kiosks that read QR codes, setting the new standard for unattended amusement center payment technology. iQ devices use built-in cameras to read customer presented QR codes for payment and redemption point collection. This enables customers to use mobile devices instead of play cards to activate games, reducing costs for operators.

“With the iQ platform, customers can purchase or recharge game play and use a mobile device or paper receipt with QR code to play games, collect points and even redeem prizes,” says Mitchell, “all without the help of a center employee. By removing the card dispenser and the cards themselves the operator money saves money and time.”

Arcade expert Mitchell is featured in a recent episode of the popular BPAA “Profit Break” video series “Tips to Make Your Card System Work for You (Ep. 303).” You can view this enlightening and educational video at Vimeo.

Leading bowling and family entertainment centers in the U.S. and around the world rely on Intercard for payment and management technology that boosts revenues and improves customer service. Intercard’s customers in the bowling industry include leaders like Cinergy, Main Event and Round 1 as well as a growing number of independent BEC’s.

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