iQ Devices Set a New Standard

See These Innovations at IAAPA Expo Orlando 2023 Booth #2206

At IAAPA Expo 2023 Intercard will introduce its iQ readers and kiosks that read QR codes, setting the new standard for unattended amusement center payment technology. iQ devices use built-in cameras to read customer presented QR codes for payment and redemption point collection. This will enable customers to use mobile devices instead of play cards to activate games, reducing costs for route operators and owners of unattended arcades.

“With the iQ platform, customers can purchase or recharge game play and use a mobile device or paper receipt with QR code to play games, collect points and even redeem prizes,” says Scott Sherrod, CEO of Intercard, “all without the help of a center employee. By removing the card dispenser and the cards themselves the operator money saves money and time. It sets a new standard for route operators and owners of unattended arcades.”

At IAAPA Intercard will showcase additional innovations including an expanded line of Impulse hybrid readers that take play cards and credit cards and a new iTeller for water parks, trampoline parks and other active attractions that dispenses wristbands.

“At Intercard we set standards,” says Sherrod, “which include the Impulse reader that has become the industry standard for route operators, barcade owners and other FEC operators wanting to capture new revenue streams and plan for growth. Customers in the US report up to a 30% increase from games with the Impulse.”

For more information on the iQ series, contact Bill Allen (North America sales) at  or Alberto Borrero (international sales) at .

About Intercard

Intercard introduced cashless technology to the amusement industry and has been leading the way for 30+ years. Cashless systems from Intercard increase customer spending and satisfaction and boost revenues by up to 30% at entertainment centers worldwide. Learn more about Intercard at Make the switch!



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