Impulse Tap Reader to Make European Debut at IAAPA Expo

Intercard will attend the 2023 IAAPA Expo Europe, the leisure industry’s largest trade show in Europe, to be held September 26-28 in Vienna. CEO Scott Sherrod and Alberto Borrero, senior vice-president of international sales, will be on hand for the European debut of Intercard’s new tappable version of the Impulse hybrid card reader that takes credit cards as well as play cards. 

The Impulse reader makes payment even easier for amusement center customers, especially the increasing number who prefer credit cards to cash. “Operators tell us that credit card use is up substantially at FECs and BECs, and I believe the trend is here to stay. Operators find that credit card users spend more in their centers,” says Borrero. “The ability to use credit cards right at the reader will revolutionize our industry.”

Impulse readers help proprietors increase revenues by capturing the business of “impulse” players who just want to play a few quick games without buying a game card. The Impulse gives these customers the same ease-of-use as game card users by swiping or tapping their credit card.

“In testing at arcades the Impulse has increased overall game revenue by as much as 20% by capturing the business of impulse players,” says Borrero. “They have traditionally used cash but that’s becoming rarer as FECs increasingly move from coin-op to cashless technology.”

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