Classic Romanian Amusement Park Updates with Cashless


Intercard has installed a cashless technology system at Miramagica, a family amusement park in Bucharest, the capital city of Romania. The venue is owned by Britta Trading, the leading operator of FECs in the country. Miramagica is located in the heart of celebrated Herastrau Park, the most popular park in Bucharest.

Intercard’s Austin Lacy did the installation on-site in May 2023. Miramagica offers visitors more than 30 rides and attractions including bumper cars, bumper boats, a mini train, a carousel, a drop tower and a Ferris wheel. The new cashless system replaces an outdated token system.

“Miramagica Park draws large numbers of families with children and the new cashless system will make it easier for them to enjoy the rides and attractions,” says Lacy. “It’s a classic amusement park with a great mix of old and new rides in a beautiful park setting.”

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