Rascal’s Fun Zone Lauds Advanced Operations Training

“Outside Rascal’s Fun Zone in Whiteland, Indiana are (l-r) owner Brad Goedeker, Jason Mitchell, Technical Manager Brandon Gilley and General Manager Tony Harrell.”

The management of Rascal’s Fun Zone FEC in Whiteland, Indiana have completed Intercard’s advanced arcade operations training program that helps its customers get the most out of their cashless system. “New customers typically use only a fraction of the features of their cashless system,” says Jason Mitchell, who leads the training program as Intercard’s customer success manager. “We do a deep dive into their operation so we can show them how to leverage the full power and benefits of Intercard’s cashless technology.”

Rascal’s Fun Zone owner Brad Goedeker arranged the training when he purchased his new Intercard cashless system. “We want to see our system be a huge success and fully understanding all [its] capabilities as opposed to some is paramount,” says Goedeker. “Refining our processes and gaining the expertise of a skilled operator [Mitchell] that regularly communicates with other similar facilities was well worth the additional costs. Intercard is part of my team and I know they are invested in my success.”

The 11 acre Rascal’s Fun Zone family entertainment complex features two indoor go-kart tracks, a massive arcade with 48,000 square feet of redemption games, food, and entertainment, indoor duck-pin bowling, two outdoor miniature golf courses, outdoor pool bumper boats and a huge picnic area, and spacious parking.

Contact Jason Mitchell at jmitchell@intercardinc.com to learn more about the advanced arcade operations training program.

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