FEC Financial Offers Intercard Customers Big Savings on Credit Card Fees

Intercard and FEC Financial Group (FEC/FIN) have teamed up to serve the arcade and FEC market by providing the best in cashless technology and credit card processing services. This will enable FEC operators to make the most of the growing use of credit cards at amusement venues.

“Intercard’s strength is our credit card technology and FEC/FIN’s strength is its experience in saving family entertainment center operators money on credit card processing,” says Scott Sherrod, CEO of Intercard. “The use of cash at FECs is declining and credit card use is growing quickly. Our partnership is positioned to enable operators to make the most out of the future of FEC payment, which is credit cards.”

“With FEC Financial Group LLC I’m so happy to be able to merge several fields I’ve worked in over the last 25 years, including FECs, payments, and software,” says Scott Heit, FEC/FIN’s founder and CEO. “I believe no other company understands the financial needs of the FEC industry like we do.”

“FEC/FIN will also assist us in providing expert tech support for customer calls that are related to credit card processing issues,” says Sherrod. “This enhances Intercard’s customer service and enables us to provide even more support for hardware and software queries.”

Founded by arcade game and FEC veteran Scott Heit, FEC/FIN is the only merchant services provider exclusively serving family entertainment centers. FEC/FIN offers a suite of services created specifically for FEC clients that suit the industry’s unique combination of cash and credit transactions. Heit has 25 years of success in sales and management, including several executive roles in the FEC industry. More information is available at www.fecfin.com.

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