Customer Exclusive: Advanced Arcade Operations Training

“Jason Mitchell recently completed an advanced arcade operations training session at Chipper’s Lanes in Fort Collins, Colorado. At the redemption counter are (l-r) arcade manager Louie Leber, head mechanic Scott Bluhm and Jason Mitchell.”

Intercard now offers executive level arcade and card system operations training focused on improving revenues and overall profitability. Jason Mitchell, Intercard’s customer success manager, leads the program, which is exclusively for Intercard customers.

The program begins with a discovery session of the data from a customer’s Intercard system. Mitchell then makes recommendations for a customized training program that will include card system best practices. “New customers typically use only a fraction of the features of their cashless system,” says Mitchell. “We do a deep dive into their operation so we can show them how to leverage the full power and benefits of Intercard’s cashless technology.”

Louie Leber, the arcade manager at Chipper’s Lanes in Fort Collins, Colorado is one customer who has benefited from the training. “I would recommend the program to anyone and everyone,” says Leber. “The Intercard system is robust and has many facets that we didn’t know about. The knowledge that we gained through this service has empowered us to make decisions based on the solid metrics that the Intercard system offers and will impact our business for years to come.”

Mitchell has worked in the amusement industry for more than 36 years. For more than 11 years he has brought his deep knowledge of customer service and technology to Intercard’s customers. He has also been a speaker at numerous industry gatherings hosted by such leading amusement trade associations as the BPAA, the AMOA and IAAPA.

Intercard customers can learn more about the program by contacting Jason Mitchell at or 314.275.8066 ext 252.

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