SeaWorld San Diego Goes Cashless at Its 170-Seat Arcade

“Intercard installer Josh Colby (right) with CTM Group CTO John Kneip during installation of a new cashless technology system at the 170-seat arcade at SeaWorld in San Diego.”

Intercard has installed its cashless technology at the massive Coco Loco arcade at the iconic SeaWorld theme park in San Diego, California. Now it’s even easier for visitors to enjoy and for SeaWorld to manage. The arcade is a must-see attraction for gamers that offers more than 150 skeeball, pinball, basketball, video games and carnival midway games plus redemption prizes.

Intercard is proud to work with its industry partner CTM Group on the SeaWorld project, one of several it has done for the leading global provider of managed entertainment and souvenir solutions for tourist destinations. Coming up next for Intercard and CTM Group are arcade installations at SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment’s Busch Gardens theme parks in Florida and Virginia.

John Kneip, CTO for CTM Group, says “CTM Group has just completed another Intercard installation at SeaWorld’s flagship location in San Diego, California. Installations of this significance require enormous planning and tight coordination with the facility IT. It’s Intercard’s team of technology professionals behind the system that makes the difference and the only system I trust my career to for high stakes installations like SeaWorld San Diego.”

About CTM Group

Formed in 2002, CTM Group Inc. is a leading global provider of managed entertainment and souvenir solutions for tourist destination and other high-traffic venues, including theme and amusement parks, zoos, aquariums, museums and retail locations worldwide. CTM has an international network of blue-chip venue partners and more than 25,000 pieces of installed equipment in over 2,000 popular venues. CTM is the provider of choice for entertainment and souvenir concepts at iconic tourist and retail destinations.

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