(Mostly) Cashless Panel and Audience at BPAA Summit 2022

“Panelists (l-r) are Jason Mitchell, Stefan Cox and Todd Maunsell.”

The recent BPAA Summit 2022 offered “Is Going Cashless at My Center a Real Option?” a timely discussion moderated by John Karabatsos of the BPAA. The experts on the panel were Jason Mitchell of Intercard, Stefan Cox of Spare Time Texas Pflugerville BEC and Todd Maunsell of the Cinergy FEC group. The discussion answered operators’ questions about how to go cashless and potential hurdles along the way.

“One takeaway that resonated with the attendees was the fact that nobody in the room used one dollar in cash to get to the Summit from locations across the country, and only a handful of people had cash on their person,” said Mitchell. “It is not a question of if you should consider a “less cash” approach, but when are you going to get it done.”

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