Elev8 Fun Chooses Intercard for Its Premiere FEC

“Elev8 Fun consulting partner David Goldfarb checks out the basketball action in the new arcade.” (Photo: Elev8)

Elev8 Fun is a new FEC concept that offers over 125,000 square feet of entertainment, games and experiences for the entire family. Attractions include hundreds of state-of-the-art and retro arcade games, full-sized bowling, a multi-level go-kart track, an interactive mini-golf experience, ropes courses, laser tag, and food and beverages. Elev8 Fun’s first location opened in December 2021 in Sanford, Florida and plans to open two more locations of its planned chain of mall-based FECs in 2022.

Arcade veteran David Goldfarb, CEO of PrimeTime Amusements and consulting partner of Elev8 Fun, chose Intercard for its reputation as the leading designer and manufacturer of cashless technology. “We needed a vendor that can deliver the overall cashless technology package and Intercard checks all the boxes. Furthermore, we need a live support team that will always be there 24/7,” says Goldfarb, who has used Intercard in other arcade and FEC projects.

His goal is to make Elev8’s games, laser tag and go-kart attractions even easier for customers to use while improving the facility’s guest throughput. “Customer satisfaction increases immediately when they can check their [card] balance on the floor rather than having to wait in line at the front desk,” says Goldfarb. “When they go into the redemption prize center guests can swipe their card, see how many tickets they have and go right back out to the game room.”

“Intercard’s technology gives Elev8 enhanced capabilities now and in the future,” says Bill Allen, Intercard North America sales manager. “It handles cash and credit card sales and allows Elev8 Fun to go completely cashless if they choose.”

Goldfarb also chose Intercard because it came out ahead of the competition in his analysis of total cost of ownership of its technology. “Though price was not our sole priority, Intercard is more competitive than all other players in the market on the basis of total cost of ownership” says Goldfarb.



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