Intercard has declared summer 2021 the Season of the Switch. States are switching from lockdown to open. Consumers are switching from social-distancing to socializing at their local FEC. Operators are switching from slow mode to go mode. “It is exciting to see business pick up so much and so fast,” says Scott Sherrod, CEO of Intercard. “We are hiring more customer service representatives and trainers to help our customers prepare for the robust activity this summer and beyond.”

The pandemic has increased consumer demand world-wide for cashless payment in amusement and other retail businesses. Between social distancing concerns, leaner staffing and a reluctance to handle cash, a cashless system is the answer to coping with the changes COVID brought on.

“If you still use tickets and tokens or have another cashless system and aren’t happy with it, now is the time to consider a switch to Intercard technology,” says Sherrod. “More than 60 new customers in the U.S. and abroad switched to an Intercard system in the past year. We are very happy to see our global family growing at this rate again.”Balance & Recycle Station

At this month’s International Bowl Expo and Amusement Expo International trade shows, Intercard is offering a special deal on its most popular arcade management accessory, the Balance & Recycle Station. This compact unit is designed to fit almost anywhere and allows customers to conveniently check their play card balance with a quick tap or swipe. It also makes it easy to collect used cards for recycling and reuse, reducing the waste stream and saving the operator money. Anyone who signs a contract at the show will receive a FREE Balance & Recycle Station, a US$649 value.

Intercard is part of Smart Buy, BPAA’s endorsement program, and has been chosen by the Smart Buy committee as the best cashless technology system for BPAA members. Smart Buy provides BPAA Members with national account pricing and tremendous discounts they cannot get on their own.

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