Broadway Grand Prix Revs Up Its Arcade

“Celebrating the installation of an Intercard cashless technology system at the arcade at Broadway Grand Prix are (r-l) Garrett Watts, director of operations, Alicia Cruz, general manager, and Anthony Shea of Intercard. (Photo: Intercard)”

Intercard recently completed an installation at Myrtle Beach’s Broadway Grand Prix Family Race Park, a popular go-kart attraction at the South Carolina resort destination.

Multi-unit operator Lazarus Entertainment Group runs Broadway Grand Prix and two water parks in the Myrtle Beach area. Visitors can play 75 great games in the park’s huge 20,000 square foot arcade when they aren’t zooming around the seven exciting go-kart tracks, playing mini-golf or rock-climbing.

The installation is Lazarus Entertainment Group’s first venture with a cashless technology system. They realized that the token and ticket system they had been using for years was outdated, and that cashless was the way of the future. “We wanted to upgrade our whole arcade and bring in some new games and new attractions for our guests,” says Garrett Watts, director of operations, “And we thought that adding a cashless system would go a long way for the ease of use for our guests, but also for our operations as well.”

Watts says he and his team chose Intercard cashless technology after evaluating several vendors. “I really liked the direction that Intercard was going with their software and the technology that they’re using, the ability to integrate with our other POS systems. So that was an easy decision for us as well.”

Within the next few years Watts expects to revamp the entire park operation and consolidate all attractions into the cashless system. “The ability to incorporate the arcade and food and beverage and our outside operations into the cashless system would make our entire operation seamless as well as improve our efficiency and controls” he says.

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