Global Sales Rising as International FECs Reopen

Intercard is pleased to announce growing sales for its systems in international markets. In recent months, the company has installed its systems in family entertainment centers in Australia, Colombia, Egypt, Iraq, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Qatar. These include operators upgrading by swapping out other vendors’ systems for Intercard as well as first-time buyers of cashless technology.

Among Intercard’s new customers are two Colombian FECs, Afterland in Medellin, and Happy Caguan Park in Florencia Caqueta. “Many international locations that were closed due to COVID19 are reopening. To provide a safer and more sanitary environment for customers, operators are installing cashless technology in greater numbers than ever,” says Alberto Borrero, Intercard’s senior vice-president of international sales. “Many consumers are no longer comfortable using coins or bills to pay for game play, and cashless systems help calm their concerns.”

Alberto Borrero

Borrero advises operators to carefully evaluate vendors for customer service as well as their technology before choosing a system. “Choosing the wrong system can be a very, very costly mistake, especially if you can’t get expert live support when you need it,” he says. “One of Intercard’s many strengths is its network of partners and distributors around the world that provide expert installation and support. Intercard has kept its service and 24/7 live support functions operating throughout the pandemic.”

With sales up, Intercard CEO Scott Sherrod is cautiously optimistic about the fourth quarter of 2020.  “Our industry still has a long way to go to recover from the pandemic, but our resilience is showing. We have replaced more of our competitors’ systems with Intercard this year than ever before,” says Sherrod. “I am delighted to welcome more than 30 new customers around the globe who chose our cashless technology for their immediate and future needs.”


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