Entertainment Entrepreneur Goes Cashless with First BEC

Multi-unit operator Bethanne Mashburn has two popular FEC/trampoline parks in Alabama under the name “The Factory.” In November 2020 she plans to open her latest venture, a bowling entertainment center called “The Alley” in her hometown of Gadsden.

The Alley is Mashburn’s first BEC. It will occupy 35,000 square feet of a former Sears store that has been converted into a contemporary entertainment complex in the revitalized Gadsden Mall. Amenities include 18 lanes of boutique-style bowling, an arcade with 45 games and a redemption store, a Hologate VR attraction, private party rooms and a full-service restaurant and bar.

“Owner Bethanne Mashburn (l) of The Alley with Anthony Shea of Intercard during the installation at her new BEC.”

For The Alley Mashburn decided to install her first cashless technology system, which will handle payment for all attractions as well as the food and beverage operation. “I’ve got two arcades in my other parks and I don’t have a cashless system. I started looking at the numbers and realized it was worth the investment,” says Mashburn. “Now that I’ve seen all the bells and whistles and everything it can do, I’m super impressed and I’m glad that we decided to invest in it.”

“Intercard’s cloud technology gives Bethanne the option in the future to easily go cashless with the arcades at her other FECs,” says Jason Mitchell, Intercard North America sales rep. “Customers would be able to use the same play card at multiple locations, which can promote card sales, build repeat traffic and streamline back office operations.”

Mashburn chose Intercard cashless technology after visiting multiple vendors at IAAPA Expo 2019 because “I just really felt like the people at Intercard were just so sincere. It felt immediately like it was a partnership between us.” Mashburn also appreciated the fact that many of Intercard’s people have owned or managed FECs and understand her business. “They wanted to know about my business and help me figure out the best thing. We just clicked.”

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