NJ Arcade Owner Promotes COVID-19 Food Drives

Veteran arcade owner and Intercard sales rep Todd DeMott grew up beating all the arcade games on the Jersey Shore and turned his love of games into a career as a sales rep, manager, consultant, and owner of his own arcades. In early May DeMott held a COVID-19 food drive at his Go Play Retro arcade in Belmar, New Jersey. He collected much-needed non-perishable food and household supplies for Lunch Break, a local food pantry.

Photo of Todd DeMott and fellow Jersey Shore operator Gary Balaban at the COVID-19 food drive.
Todd DeMott (l) with fellow Jersey Shore operator and industry veteran Gary Balaban, who dropped by with a donation for the COVID-19 food drive.

Donors received a complimentary voucher good for 30 minutes of game play at GoPlay Retro when it reopens. DeMott gave away more than 50 vouchers and urges fellow operators to run similar events. “This is something lots of operators can do. It benefits a great cause and it’s great community relations,” says DeMott. “It also gives donors a sweet incentive to come back to your arcade after the COVID-19 shutdown ends.”

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