Impulse-ive at Amusement Expo 2020 with Special Deal for New Customers

Balance & Recycle StationAt the 2020 Amusement Expo March 10-11, Intercard will demo its groundbreaking iReader Impulse, a versatile hybrid card reader that is the first of its kind in the amusement industry. The iReader Impulse accepts credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover) as well as stored-value play cards. This allows operators to leverage the burgeoning consumer use of credit cards for game play and other small transactions.

“The ability to use credit cards right at the reader will revolutionize our industry, allowing proprietors to capture a larger share of impulse play,” says Scott Sherrod, CEO of Intercard. “The iReader Impulse is the future in game payment because it gives impulse players a quick and easy way to pay while giving proprietors all the benefits of cashless technology.”

In testing at arcades the iReader Impulse has increased overall game revenue by as much as 20%. It is the first reader to help proprietors increase revenues by capturing the business of “impulse” players who just want to play a few quick games. Impulse players have traditionally used cash but that’s becoming rarer as FECs increasingly move from coin-op to cashless technology. The iReader Impulse gives these customers the same ease-of-use as a play card with no minimum purchase, no apps to download beforehand and no need to set up a mobile wallet on their devices.

Scott Sherrod and Domestic Sales Manager Bill Allen and his North American sales team will be happy to demonstrate the Impulse and other great Intercard products at Amusement Expo. “We are excited to be going to New Orleans and we are in a party mood,” says Allen. “In the great local tradition of “lagniappe” (something free to sweeten the deal) we will give every new customer who signs a contract for an Intercard system at AMOA EXPO a FREE Balance and Recycle Station, a $649 value.” To schedule a demo at the show please contact Bill Allen directly at .

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