Pioneer Vending Scores Monster 400% Increase

Luke Adams, owner of Pioneer Vending.

Pioneer Vending of Cincinnati, a leading route operator since 1909, recently installed its first Intercard cashless system at the Hueston Woods Family Resort in Ohio. Pioneer owner Luke Adams reports that, after changing over from tokens to the new system, revenue jumped 400% in the first week.

“The first couple of weeks we saw a monster increase,” says Adams. “[Our Intercard rep] Todd said, ‘I would love for that to continue but odds are it’s going to slow down a little bit.’ And he was right. We’ve averaged out to 130%.”

Adams is also thrilled that his Intercard system has reduced repair and service time. “Our route collector really enjoys it because it went from an hour and a half process of going from game to game, getting tokens and then putting those back in the changer,” says Adams. “He’s in and out now in 30 minutes and that’s including getting product put back into the self-merchandisers and stuff.”

Pioneer’s system is built around the iTeller Element, a self-service kiosk designed for the route operator and FEC arcades with fewer than 30 games. The iTeller Element incorporates the key features of Intercard’s reliable and durable iTeller into a smaller footprint and adds faster hardware and the new NEMS network-monitoring software.

Pioneer, which operates more than 3400 games in the Mid-West, is now considering adding Intercard technology to additional locations.

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