Shore Fun Gets to Please Everyone

Playing arcade games is a summertime tradition at the beach towns of the Delaware Shore, and for many using quarters is a big part of the fun. “People save up their quarters all year and then come down here for summer and spend them in here,” says Eric Esterson, owner of the long-running Shore Fun Arcade in Bethany Beach, Delaware. So when Eric decided to enjoy the benefits of modern cashless technology in his 100+ games, he also wanted to accommodate tradition by continuing to accept coins. He found his answer in a hybrid system from Intercard.

“We didn’t want to get away from having a quarter option. But we also wanted the flexibility of offering bonuses for players that buy in for higher amounts, and take credit cards,” says Esterson. He also plans to introduce birthday parties next season as well as “dine and play” packages with local restaurants. All of these become possible with Intercard’s cashless technology.

“Many of the games have readers and coin slots to accommodate both types of guests,” says Todd DeMott, Esterson’s Intercard rep. “That gives Shore Fun the ability to use electronic and paper tickets for redemption games, and the system can track and report revenue from card swipes and coin play.”

Eric Esterson at his Shore Fun arcade in Bethany Beach, Delaware.

Esterson, who had his system installed last December during the off-season, has already seen a jump in revenue from card play. “We’re about 50% up on the off season,” he says and he’s very excited to see what happens the summer season gets rolling on Memorial Day.

He is also very pleased with the installation and the help he has received from DeMott. “Todd’s been with us a lot. He helped us with everything from preparing for the installation, then the installation and even after the installation,” says Esterson.

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