New Booth, Improved “Edge” at AMOA 2019

From March 27-28 Intercard will be at the Amusement Expo at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The company’s newly-redesigned show booth (#1013) will offer visitors increased comfort and convenience in the style of an executive lounge.

At the Amusement Expo Intercard will demo its enhanced Edge Mobile App Collection, the amusement industry’s first collection of mobile management tools. “The mobile future is here,” says Scott Sherrod, CEO of Intercard, “and The Edge lets operators make the most of it.”

The Edge Mobile App Collection builds on iService, the industry’s first mobile management app, which Intercard introduced in 2017. iService makes it simple to track and manage every arcade game at one or more locations. Users can remotely put a game out of service for maintenance and technicians can use it to track repair information and when the game was placed back into service. All information is automatically updated on the server and in the cloud.

With the addition of two new apps, the Edge Mobile App Collection helps Intercard customers do even more with mobile technology.  Intercard Upshot is a card management app that FEC proprietors can provide to their customers under their own brand. The app allows the customer to easily add value to multiple game cards directly from their mobile device. This means there is no need to interrupt the game action to go to a kiosk, and users can even recharge cards before arriving at the center.

The Inventory app assists staff in maintaining their merchandise and redemption inventory by providing easy access to inventory logs and the ability to adjust inventory. All of this can be done from an Android or iOS mobile device, reducing the labor and equipment cost of inventory management and eliminating mistakes.

“Since 2017 Intercard has been leading the way in harnessing the potential of mobile technology to change the way FEC operators interact with their customers and their business,” says Bill Allen, North America sales manager. “The Edge Mobile App Collection allows users of Intercard cashless management systems to manage everything from marketing to game sales to redemption inventory whenever and from wherever they want.”

Bill Allen will be happy to demonstrate The Edge Mobile App Collection and other great Intercard products. You can contact him at to schedule a meeting.

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