Bounce About Laser Tag Jumps into Cashless Technology

Danielle Mirabal in the arcade at Bounce About Laser Tag.

Retired schoolteacher Danielle Mirabal made a big leap when she left the classroom to run Bounce About Laser Tag, an FEC in Toms River, New Jersey. Now Intercard has helped Danielle make the jump to cashless technology. With the ability to accept credit cards as well as cash for game play, Danielle quickly saw a jump in arcade revenue. “I want to say at least a 40% increase because I was only able to do cash before,” she says, “and we would lose business.”

After two years of running her 26 arcade games on quarters, Danielle knew her operation had to become more efficient. “We didn’t have a change machine and we were making change at the front desk,” says Danielle “and I had a million quarter jams and I was always fixing coin mechanisms.” The switch to cashless technology eliminated those problems.

Using Intercard’s cashless technology also helped Danielle improve her marketing and promotions, from being able to offer special pricing for specific times to donating branded game cards to local school fundraisers.

She also loves Intercard because of its excellent customer service before and after the sale and installation. “You know, like anything with technology, we’re going to have the hiccups,” she says. “I have always gotten someone on the phone at Intercard; I have not been more than caller one or two and they stay on the phone until they solve the problem for me.”

Danielle also gives high marks to Todd DeMott, her Intercard sales rep, who lives in her area. “He’s come here to fix my games, and he doesn’t have to do that, and he continues to follow up with me,” she says. “He wants to make sure we do well here.”

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