FEC Pioneer Neil Hupfauer Picks Intercard for New Venture

Intercard recently completed an installation at Corky’s Gaming Bistro in Grapevine, Texas. Corky’s is the latest venture from the legendary Neil Hupfauer, who pioneered the family entertainment center model with his Fun Fest and Main Event centers.

The newly-built Corky’s is a casual venue offering an updated bar menu with favorites like burgers, tacos and pizza with signature cocktails, wine and a rotating list of more than 50 craft beers. For entertainment there are 78 classic arcade games, 12 pinball machines, 4 escape rooms and 10 thrilling axe-throwing lanes. The game mix includes such beloved cabinet games as “Asteroids,” “Dig Dug,” “Donkey Kong,” “Missile Command” and “Pac-Man” plus such popular pinball machines as “Attack from Mars,” “Metallica” and “Star Wars.”

Hupfauer, one of the first operators to champion Intercard, has used its cashless technology at Fun Fest and Main Event. He chose Intercard for his new venture because its system can track individual games played even when they are set up for timed play, as is the case at Corky’s. Hupfauer says most retro arcades and bar arcades put their games on quarters or free play. “When it’s a free play, the counter doesn’t keep track of the game, so you don’t know which games are being played,” he says. “With Intercard I can tell which games are popular and I can rotate out the games that are not.”

Corky’s Gaming Bistro opened in August 2018. Hupfauer says the reaction from customers has been “Phenomenal. Just phenomenal.” Of course that’s not surprising for a man who has proved he can pull in customers if they’re looking for fun.

Targeting Fun: Taking a stand at the business end of an axe-throwing lane at Corky’s Gaming Bistro are founder Neil Hupfauer (center) flanked by Jason Mitchell of Intercard (r) and Corky’s general manager Craig Worrall.” (Photo: Corky’s)

For more information visit https://corkysgamingbistro.com/ .

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