Party Time in Plano with Main Event

Intercard was a platinum sponsor of Main Event’s annual conference, held this week at the Marriott Legacy hotel in Plano, Texas. The guest of honor was Chris Morris, the new CEO of Main Event. The theme of the conference was “Engage” and from the looks of these party pix it was easy to do so.

“Two for Texas: Vicki Kraft, Main Event VP of Finance (l) and Scott Sherrod, Intercard CEO, at Main Event’s recent Engage conference in Plano, Texas.”
“David Katz (l) and Keitha McBride (r) of BMI Merchandise visit with Scott Sherrod of Intercard at a reception during the 2018 Main Event Engage conference.”
“Tiki Time in Texas: Sharing a laugh and some big cocktails during the Main Event party are (l-r) Scott Sherrod, CEO of Intercard, Cowboy Bob Shaffer of Cobra Rental Shoes and Bill Allen, North America sales manager for Intercard.”
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