Esselworld Chooses Intercard to Implement Cashless Transactions at India’s Top Amusement Park

Intercard has achieved a significant milestone in the Indian market with the completion of a major installation at Esselworld Amusement Park in Mumbai. The 42-acre attraction is one of the largest and most popular amusement parks in India, drawing an estimated 1.8 million visitors annually. Intercard now has more than 70 installations in India.

As of early April, Esselword has been operating with a completely automated Intercard cashless payment system, an important part of its plan to remain competitive with the increased number of amusement parks in Mumbai. The system integrates with Esselworld’s existing point-of-sale and enterprise resource planning software and allows customers to easily pay for and enjoy the park’s full array of rides, food and beverage venues and merchandise stores.

The Intercard system enables Esselworld to eliminate time and labor-intensive cash handling while adding a new admission level called Pay N Play Basic. This value-priced offering lets the customer pay only for the rides and games they want while enjoying a lower initial fee to enter the park. It can also be used for pay-per-use access to food, beverages and merchandise. The Intercard system also supports Esselworld’s other admission and ride packages.

The system uses cards and wristbands with RFID technology that activate Intercard readers at all rides and games. If the customer uses up the initial balance on the Pay-n-Play card he can recharge it at self-service kiosks that accept cash, credit card or mobile phone payment. Recharged cards are good for twelve months and can be used on return visits.

“Esselworld chose Intercard over other domestic and international vendors because our reliable and efficient system architecture is ideal for meeting the demands of a large and busy attraction,” says Shaji Sreenivasan, Intercard’s sales specialist for India. “They were also impressed by our customer service, which includes a technical team based in India.”

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