Intercard System Now Fully Integrated With MICROS®; Cash Reconciliation Capabilities, Instantaneous Reporting and More

Intercard now provides its systems fully integrated with Micros Point of Sale (POS) software and hardware.  Among the benefits, this integration eliminates the labor-intensive step of rekeying of information by the business’ accounting office, and business managers have access to sales and activity numbers instantaneously.  Intercard is the first payment solutions provider to the FEC and bowling center categories offering such a system.  Before Intercard’s integration with Micros, a business bookkeeper would get reconciliation information from Intercard in a printout, at which point the information had to be keyed in somewhere.  With Micros, they don’t have to do that anymore – it’s instantaneous.  Plus, all of that information feeds into the back end of Micros’ reporting apparatus, which is quite extensive.  The Intercard system with Micros POS can do account histories, add value and allow guests to use the card as a payment for food and beverage.  Plus, Intercard’s tellers are also fully integrated.

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