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Operational Questions

The best way to configure a happy hour is to focus on your slowest weekday or slowest hours. You should also ensure your happy hour games have their Eclipse feature set to a new color during that time. Market to your guest for the day/time to drive business in.

Hourly staff should have settings that allow them to do card sales and redemption related transactions, but their ability to comp cards and provide discounts should be limited. Hourly staff should not have access to FEC Back Office.

Yes, staff should use their own credentials to log in to iCashier and Redemption so you can evaluate performance and watch for potential internal theft.

While there are many reports available, the three main reports are Game Revenue, Revenue Report, and Redemption Sales by Coupon Value.

Redemption Inventory can be weekly, monthly, or quarterly – which can be decided by the total number of redemption items and staff available. Redemption Inventory counting periods should be consistent and are best completed during non-business hours.

Having card product and retail product buttons on your iCashier ensures consistent reporting and allows you to evaluate the success of products and packages.

In iCashier Admin you can open your Menus. Once open, locate the product to be added and drag and drop the item to a blank button space. Be sure to save your changes and refresh iCashier for changes to take effect.

You can find the option to take a game offline in your Machines on iCashier. Double click the game and enter a comment for the issue and select Place Out of Service.

5-10 minutes prior to closing. This allows for guest to complete their game play and head to your Redemption area to pick prizes.

After closing. You should not leave money on the game room floor during non-business hours.

Top 10

Software Questions

Once a month. The best way to do this either to take a cotton swap with rubbing alcohol and swipe it across the metal reader head or purchase credit card swipe cleaners that look like cards.

Bonus cash can be included in card products and promotions and is considered free money awarded to the guest. The amount of bonus will vary depending on the promotion but will only work on the card readers for game play. It cannot be used for concession purchases.

The only balances that can expire from the game card is time play. All other balances remain on the card until they are used.

By setting up automatic email reports you can receive schedule reports directly to your inbox. Reports can send daily, weekly, monthly, and bi-monthly to the email address in your User Settings.

From your inventory list you can right click and select “Print Inventory Count Sheet”. This will provide the product name, barcode, and coupon value as well as a space to write the count as you go. You can then use the sheets to enter the totals in your Inventory Period. *By purchasing Intercard’s Inventory App you can eliminate printing out count sheets.

By installing a 2D scanner on your Point of Sale you can scan QR codes for promotions and E-Commerce transactions. This scanner would be separate from your terminal used for Redemption.

If you would like to offer a merchandise product as a redemption item, you can add it to your redemption products tab under Product Definitions/Inventory. Add the item in redemption products, and assign a coupon value to the product. You can then add this item as a redemption product in your location table. You can print the auto generated barcode to scan the item.

For a reader you will need an image in Bitmap format (.bmp). For standard 3" screens horizontal images should be 400x240 pixels, vertical displays should be 240x400 pixels. For 4" screens images for horizontal should be 480x272 pixels and vertical should be 272x480 pixels.

Yes! We do recommend powering down equipment like card readers, tellers, and point of sale terminals daily if possible. This gives your equipment time to cool down. However, you do not need to power down your transaction server daily. *Please note POS/Tellers should be shut down properly as well using the Power button or from within Windows to avoid corruption.

Yes, the QR code on the back of the card is used for the guest to be able to scan it from home using their phone to see their balance (cash, bonus, points) left on their card.

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