"The first couple of months we saw as much as an 80% increase and we sustained an increase of 60% during the first year of use. And anytime we call we always get a technician on the line."

Gary Ellis

Owner, Fun-n-Games Arcade | Virginia, USA

“Our previous [cashless] system was giving us nothing but headaches. Nothing was ringing up right. It would actually shut down the whole system.  The cards would not work, the games would not work. We had to make a change and Intercard’s been absolutely heavenly.”

Mike Scherschel

Manager, SuperPlay | Beaverton, Oregon

“Intercard offered me the most cost-effective solution and my revenue has increased since I started implementing their solution. I looked at the various options and I felt that the only brand to deliver is Intercard with their customized one-of-a-kind debit card systems with state of the art software played a major role in my decision.”

Fouad Chehade

Executive Manager, Farah Parks | Qatar

“Intercard’s versatile and integrated system allows the customer greater flexibility when they spend time at Cinergy. It was a huge factor for us and Intercard really gave us that ability to have that bridge. Cashless makes the experience that the guest has within our facility so much more streamlined. It lets them spend money when and where they want to … as quickly as possible without having another transaction.”

Darek Heath

COO, Cinergy | Dallas, TX

"After literally decades of working in the equipment operation and LBE businesses, I honestly can’t imagine buying anyone else’s cashless system for a location than Intercard’s. Their system is technically robust, the guest experience is simple and clean, and Intercard has ALWAYS delivered for all of our route, FEC and ‘unique destination’ needs. Just as importantly, we’ve come to know, respect, and trust their team and their depth of experience – I’m a huge Intercard fan!"

David L Bishop

Chief Executive Officer, CTM Group Inc.

"I would highly recommend Intercard to anyone looking for a system to handle today’s gaming needs. The staff is highly professional and always there to help if needed. The system is powerful and has simplified operations while delivering a great experience to our guests."

Michael Grundgeiger

Senior Vice President of Operations, Shakey's USA Inc.

"Intercard has been an amazing experience for us. From the original installation to the support 3 years later. Intercard ALWAYS answers the phone no matter what time or day or night it is. We had another cashless system and had to immediately switch it out to Intercard because it was NOT user friendly, so overcomplicated and their customer support is non-existent."

Natasha Lunce

Owner, Monkey Joe's Warner Robins | Coral Springs

"We switched to Intercard because our previous vendor changed their card readers and we would have had to buy a whole new system as a result. We didn't like being forced into that situation. Also, the system would go offline or something would happen and it wouldn't function. We heard from other people that Intercard support is much better."

Jeff and Ava Couey

Mr. and Mrs. Sparkles
Sparkles Family Fun Centers

“I had a lot of bad experiences with another vendor and just the overall communication. I switched to Intercard because I liked the Intercard support. I like the fact that they're a USA-based company; they're not too far from us in St. Louis. I do like the fact that the reports are all cloud-based so I can look through reports on my laptop at home or anywhere. I can change arcade pricing remotely. I can work on the back end of the system anywhere.”

David Dimberio

Founder/President, Combat Ops Entertainment | Fort Wayne, Indiana

“We weren’t happy with the training and the service from our last vendor so we switched to Intercard and it is a lot better. With the Intercard system counting cash is simple. You just go there and empty the kiosk, no collecting cash. It saves you a lot of time."

Douglas Riquier

Owner, T&M Amusements | North Windham, CT

"Installations of this significance require enormous planning and tight coordination with the facility IT due to the sophisticated networking required to make it all work within their infrastructure requirements. Along with a robust and reliable system, it's Intercard's team of technology professionals behind the system that makes the difference and the only system I trust my career to for high stakes installations like SeaWorld San Diego."

John Kneip

Chief Technology Officer, CTM Group Inc.

“[Before Intercard] we were limited to doing wrist bands or paper tickets for our attractions. It was a logistical nightmare. People love the easiness of the technology. They love the fact that they can come back at any time and use the card.  On our end, we can be a lot more dynamic when it comes to promotions. Plus, it opens the doors to eCommerce, so there's a cherry on top of the cake.”

Mario Teixeira

Operator, Strikes & Spares Entertainment Center | Mishawaka, Indiana

"I like relationships. So having a good relationship with not only Jerry, but also global marketing director Lynda Brotherton and CEO Scott Sherrod made it easier to communicate with the company, it made it feel friendly and family and obviously, the product needs to work as well and their product works well. It's very stable. We've never had issues with it."

Jason Wallace

Director, Fun Planet | Australia

“It was Super Bowl weekend [2018] and our Intercard system wasn’t installed on our games yet. Todd DeMott came and put 20 coin-ops in temporarily so I could get through the weekend. I did $2,000 in business in quarters because Todd came all the way from the Jersey Shore. He then started installing the Intercard system himself and got us going. By the day of the Eagles victory parade we had [just] a couple of machines down. Intercard were Johnny-on-the-spot; Kelly had it figured out before I even called back on a ticket and Jonathan was awesome.”

Jerry Walsh

Owner, Big Heads Bar | Philadelphia, PA

“We are now doing more bowling business on 32 lanes than we were doing on 40, plus we have the games revenue. Our birthday party business has increased dramatically and many parents have complimented us on how much easier it is for them when kids can use a card for the arcade and laser tag. We've had little reason to call Intercard for tech support and so on, but when we do it is extremely quick response from very knowledgeable people.”

Simon Shearer

Owner, Perfect Game | Detroit, MI

"I just really felt like the people at Intercard were just so sincere. It felt immediately like it was a partnership between us. They wanted to know about my business and help me figure out the best thing. We just clicked."

Bethanne Mashburn

Developer, The Alley

"With our old system there were always tons of issues. We decided to change our current card system and install Intercard and have been very pleased with the install and training team and also with the performance of the Intercard system. They are always responsive to any issue that might arise and have taken care of all of our needs. We are extremely happy with Intercard and look forward to a long relationship with them."

Brett and Kristine Crockett

Owners, Fiesta Fun Center

"We have had a huge increase in purchasing after going cashless. Before, the most I could get was a twenty dollar bill for a hundred tokens, which to me was phenomenal. Now with a card-based system, I can take credit cards. And a customer can put in a hundred dollars and get the game credit price down to like 18 cents a credit. It's phenomenal; we're getting more purchases."

Billy Schoepe

Co-owner, University Family Fun Center | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“Intencity Albury will usher in a new beginning with the Intercard system! Along with Marion and Erina Fair, Albury will be our third location re-opening with Intercard and enjoying a great range of benefits not to mention no more weekly coin collects. Minute by minute reporting, birthday parties not requiring staff to activate free games and of course a range of different packages … essentially bringing Intencity into the 21st century.”

Brion Cummings

National Business Manager – Leisure, Village Entertainment | South Yarra, Victoria, Australia

“Everybody was telling me the difference between Intercard and the others is the service. I called another vendor a few times and I couldn't get anybody to answer the phone. I call Intercard and they answer the phone, boom, boom, boom. So I said, well that's what I need to do, so I went with Intercard.”

Jimmy Waldorf

Owner, Fun Plaza Family Fun Center | Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

"Intercard has played a key role at Circus Circus Midway in our growth with the ability to act quickly to pricing and cost of sales. The system reports allow us to see trends and maximize profits. With over 700 card readers and 34 kiosks on property, service is key and the support we have received from Intercard has been top notch. As we continue to evolve, I foresee a continued partnership with the team at Intercard."

Alan Kanter

Director of Midway Operations, Circus Circus | Las Vegas NV

"We wanted to upgrade our whole arcade and bring in some new games and new attractions for our guests, and we thought that adding a cashless system would go a long way for the ease of use for our guests, but also for our operations as well. I really liked the direction that Intercard was going with their software and the technology that they're using, the ability to integrate with our other POS systems. So that was an easy decision for us."

Garrett Watts

Director of Operations, Broadway Grand Prix Family Race Park | Myrtle Beach, South Carolina USA

“I want to send along praise for your technician Kiet Hang. I am extremely appreciative of his knowledge of the Intercard system and his ability to listen and accurately determine how to fix the issues that needed resolution, and, maybe most importantly, his willing attitude to do his best to help. He shared tips along the way so I could better understand the system and be more self-sufficient in the future. I was also impressed with the respect he showed other Intercard employees and your company overall. I felt he took pride in the service he provided, and that is hard to find these days. Glad he is part of your team!”

Emma Hamilton

Partner and General Manager, Bigfoot Fun Park | Branson, MO

"Before switching to Intercard I was using coins. My only regret is that I did not make the switch earlier! The system allows guests to spend more money each visit and it gave us a wide variety of marketing opportunities, combo with food, or admission. The system is easy to use and has great features plus the tech support is always helpful and available."

Tarek Ellaicy

Owner, Monkey Joe’s Peoria

“We have seen an increase in arcade sales, that’s for sure. It saves us a lot of time and makes us more efficient. Before, we would have to have someone take a meter reading of each game, report it back to the home office and figure out the percentages based on spreadsheets. Since Intercard operates in the cloud, I can pick and pull any information I want, any date range I want. It’s really helped us up our game.”

Andy Brenneman

Co-owner, FEC Laser | Alleys York, PA

"Getting rid of our problematic card system and replacing it with Intercard was one of the best choices we made for our arcades!"

Lloyd Sweeney

Corporate Arcade Manager, Fat Cats, LLC

"After our previous vendor got bought out, their customer service just completely went downhill. All of the people within the company, except for one, that we've known for the last 11 years were completely gone. When you're trying to get ahold of support you can't even call a number anymore, you had to put it into a portal and then pray someone gets back ahold of you. We felt we had to go in a different direction and Intercard was another very highly reputable company."

Scott Kennedy

Senior Operations Manager, Fast Lane Entertainment | Lowell, Arkansas

"Intercard’s response time is great when we call tech support and they're able to help us navigate the system. The system works, it's very robust, the equipment has held up, we're very satisfied with it."

Jerry Greenspan

Owner, Sportland & Fun City

“The first couple of weeks we saw a monster increase of 400%! Now that we’ve got some time under our belts we are averaging out to about a 130% increase. And the Intercard system allows my route driver to service the location in just 30 minutes instead of 90 minutes.”

Luke Adams

Owner, Pioneer Vending
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