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Industry Firsts by Intercard

In 1989 we introduced the first debit card system to the amusement industry and we have been leading the way ever since.

  • 1989

    First to introduce a debit card system in the amusement industry

  • 1990

    First networked system

  • 1991

    Introduced the first self-service kiosk

  • 1992

    Intercard launches a wireless infrared system

  • 1993

    FEC management program launched

  • 1994

    Time Play created

  • 1995

    First with E-Tickets and customer tracking

  • 1997

    First integrated coin hopper solution

  • 2003

    First Cloud Based Technology

  • 2004

    First to launch Wi-Fi and ethernet networked readers

  • 2005

    Loyalty program launched

  • 2006

    First with online redemption counter

  • 2007

    Launched Reservation Scheduler

  • 2008

    Far ahead of the competition, Intercard revolutionizes the market with the iReader®‘s interactive graphics

  • 2016

    Creation of the first mobile app for game room management

  • 2019

    2019 iReader Impulse, the first card reader that accepts both play cards and credit cards


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