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Our innovative solutions allow us to maintain the leadership position in cash management and marketing systems around the world.
  • Superior System Architecture
  • Better Customer Experience
  • More Cost-Effective Solutions
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1979: Intercard, Inc. introduces a cash control solution in the Copy Control

1985: Universities in the U.S. start using Intercard, Inc. Systems

1989: First to introduce a debit card system in the amusement industry

1990: First networked system

1991: Introduced the first self-service kiosk

1992: Intercard, Inc. launches a wireless infrared system

1993: FEC management program launched

1994: Time Play created

1995: First with E-Tickets and customer tracking

1996: Redemption control solution

1997: First integrated coin hopper solution

2003: First with single database for multiple locations

2004: Launched wireless Ethernet system

2005: Loyalty program launched

2006: First with online redemption counter

2007: Launched Reservation Scheduler

2008: Far ahead of the competition, Intercard, Inc. revolutionizes the market with the iReader®‘s interactive graphics

2016: Creation of the first mobile app for game room management


Exceeding our customers’ expectations by delivering innovative technology that increases their profitability while demonstrating our commitment to the best possible customer service.