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Intercard, Inc. has a unique approach to serving the Cash Management and Marketing System Solutions of our amusement industry customers and with over 30 years experience in the industry, we anticipate the trends and needs of our customers.

Intercard, Inc. provides a one-of-a-kind Combined Debit Card System. Our system increases revenues up to 30% by bringing in more customers, and enhancing their on-site experience, all while providing operators detailed reports of their spending activities.

The Intercard, Inc. One Card Solution is designed to be user-friendly with a level of reliability that is unparalleled in our market. Our state-of-the-art software is a fully integrated package that saves operations tremendous operational costs by reducing theft, tracking customers and monitoring inventory and revenue streams over time. It also combines the flexibility of a debit card system with the strength of a POS system and the marketing capabilities of a customer loyalty program.

  • We are the only supplier thinking “outside the box” with creative marketing and advertising opportunities that begin at the display reader and continue through direct mail and email contact with customers.
  • Intercard, Inc. has the best Price to Value offering.
    • Intercard, Inc. systems use standard Ethernet and Star-Topology; the most universal, stable and cost-effective solution available. Non-proprietary hardware can be purchased locally at electronics stores saving initial set-up costs virtually eliminating down time and factory service calls.
  • Reliability.
    • Our Zero Fault Tolerance System allows readers to operate even if the main server is down. When online, our readers produce less-than-one-second activations. When offline, they store account information and communicate flawlessly Peer-to-Peer. In over 30 years of operation we have never had a single system failure!
  • Simplicity.
    • Single database solution allows your customers to activate cards at any of your locations and then use them at one of your other locations. Easy-to-use system for adjusting pricing and promotions.
  • On-demand Reporting available whenever you need it.
  • The Intercard, Inc. customized Loyalty Program allows your customers to view earned points, rewards, and prizes at kiosks or on your website via an easy-to-use interface.
  • Wireless - The Intercard, Inc. iReader Series offers multilingual displays, interactive graphics and a wireless option.
  • Self-service iTellers quickly and easily dispense and recharge cards.
  • Intercard, Inc. customers always experience a great working relationship with our responsive and knowledgeable Intercard team always easy to reach.

Trade Show Events.

In Our Customer’s Words

Laserdome in Manheim, Pennsylvania converted from tokens and tickets to the Intercard, Inc. system in January, 2011. The sales increase bump was an unexpected bonus to the substantial operational cost savings!  

"I installed the Intercard, Inc. system for the cost savings and ended up with higher sales because all the games now only require one simple swipe of the debit card!"

Mr. Karl Ross, Laserdome

Karl further explained the many benefits of the switch to a remote data storage debit card system:

  • The bank saw the cost savings in ticket and token expenses as the reason to approve the loan.
  • Previously, technical problems slowed down our operation with clogged tickets or tokens, but are now reduced to one of two things -- either the server or the card reader, both of which can be fixed very quickly.
  • With the Intercard, Inc. system, they handle the secure redundant data backup so my records are secure.
  • The Intercard, Inc. system was recommended by Global Coin Op because it allows games that use tokens as part of the game to still drop down for play!
  • Our ProArcade with XBoxes and other home style games went from 8 minutes of play with 8 tokens, to 12 minutes of play for a $2.00 debit on their card. "Players are swiping twice in succession to get 24 minutes of play for $4.00, doubling our revenue for most players."
  • All games have seen increases because all the payments are with one method of payment that is fast and easy.