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Our Corporate Mission

Intercard, Inc. designs and implements Cash Management and Marketing System Solutions for the amusement and entertainment industries. We deliver these through cutting edge technology point of sale systems and by providing the most added value cash management solution to the markets we serve.

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The Intercard, Inc. system integrates with all major POS software systems:

  • Qubica AMF
  • Brunswick
  • Steltronic
  • Micros
  • MicroSale POS
  • And More!


Intercard, Inc., began providing management solution systems in 1979 and has grown to become a market leader in stored value cards for the casino and amusement industry and other applications in North America, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, South America and Australia.

Millions of cards, thousands of readers and hundreds of systems later, Intercard, Inc., continues to provide the best systems available to clients all over the world. Management via our secure Cloud Service technology is available anywhere, anytime for multiple locations.

Intercard, Inc. saves amusement and entertainment operations tremendous costs by reducing theft, tracking customers and monitoring inventory and revenue streams over time using one integrated cash management system.

Intercard, Inc. - World Leader in Debit Card Technology! We consistenlty upgrade our systems offerings. Please review the latest news.

Unparalleled Customer Service-In Our Customer's Words

Brian has found the Intercard, Inc. system to be an excellent investment. Over the ten years in operation we moved from quarters, to tokens and now to debit cards which increased revenue while reducing expenses. “Once our customers and employees got through the short learning curve, gaming sales alone increased 20% by installing the debit card system which gave us the flexibility to adjust pricing. Now, no one has the unwanted task of emptying tokens from the machines!" stated Brian.

Through the Intercard, Inc. Debit Card System, The Fun Junction promotes Wacky Wednesdays with gaming at half price as a prime example of promoting business to build traffic. The Intercard system is also used at the register for Laser tag Pass purchases, expediting the transaction and encouraging the addition of cash to the debit card.

Parents have commented that they like the convenience of the card, avoiding the need to track tickets. "This is another benefit of the Intercard, Inc. Debit Card System.", stated Brian. "I no longer have the added expense of printing, collecting, and tracking tickets."

“A great working relationship. Sales, technical support, and management that are personable and who connect well with my values and goals.” Brian said, "Send anyone my way for a recommendation! I will be happy to share my positive experience. Contact me at“

Brian Jackson
The Fun Junction